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Be Transparent

A brand is a promise and an expectation to your customer, it is a trust built over time, therefore, we at ADP take head on the responsibility of providing unmatched social media marketing and quality content creation. More than ever customers are looking for honest and reliable content in a world that is riddled with noise. We provide transparency by being honest with our clients, utilizing custom made content, and embracing feedback to continually improve.

Our Beliefs

Provide Value

Alpha Digital Pro is a full-service digital marketing agency located in Milwaukee that specializes in creating custom social media marketing content. We pride ourselves on delivering noticeable results by identifying the ROI you're looking to receive and create tailored solutions to achieving those results. Whether you need SEO optimization, engaging video marketing content, or building a brand that inspires, ADP has the experience to get it done right the first time. As bold problem solvers, we are driven by creativity, analytics, and your business' success. When you reach your goals, we've accomplished ours.

Stay Consistent

Marketing and building a brand for a business is a never ending journey, therefore, ADP understands that planning ahead is a necessity, especially when it comes to social media. We have a passion for building short term and long term marketing plans that keep your brand top of mind. ADP is available 24/7 by phone or email for all clients. Here, we are your marketing team driven by not only your success, but ours as well. You get our 110% effort day in and day out.

Ryan- Owner Brew Fitness

"I’ve been working with Dan and Alpha Digital Pro for 2 years now and they’ve done a variety of promotional videos, photos, social media and digital marketing that I’ve had great results with. On top of it, they are very fun to work with and take your ideas and turn them into creations you couldn’t have fathomed. I would highly recommend anybody looking for any type of videography, photography or promotional work to check with Alpha Digital."

Katie- Owner FireFly Real Estate

"ADP created an exceptionally customized piece for my brand.  They listened, presented great options, and collaborated with me and my ideas to craft a media piece that exceeded my expectations.  They were responsive, professional, and committed to producing a product both I and they were proud of.  I could not have been more pleased with the end result.  Thank you, ADP!"

Dave- President Dave North Roofing

"Dan from Alpha Digital Pro has made my roofing company look good. His skill with drone videography and his behind the scenes editing offer a visual perspective of our work that is only available through his service. He has given our website the "WOW" factor it needed to separate our company from the rest in the industry."

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